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Myeloma Minute
January 29, 2015


January 29, 2015
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This week's question: What is the M protein?

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IMF's Asian Myeloma Network Will Provide Access to Pomalidomide in Asia


Access to new drugs outside of the US is frequently delayed by several years following FDA approval in the US, and this delay has a significant negative impact for international myeloma patients. However, a big step has just been taken thanks to the IMF's Asian Myeloma Network (AMN), which has successfully negotiated with the Celgene Corporation to establish an individual or “named” patient access program for pomalidomide in Asia. "This is a model through which patients can gain early access to new drugs which can be literally lifesaving!" IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie writes in a new blog. CLICK HERE to read more about this pomalidomide patient access program.


New IMF Publication: "Understanding MGUS and Smoldering Myeloma"

This new IMF booklet contains information about monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance (MGUS) and smoldering multiple myeloma (SMM).Neither is an active disease state, but both are precursor states to active myeloma. It is therefore important to understand if, when, and how active myeloma might evolve and what monitoring and/or interventions are appropriate. CLICK HERE to download and read “Understanding MGUS and Smoldering Myeloma.”


Can You Speak Myeloma?


Have you ever felt like you were hearing a foreign language during a visit to the doctor? Or do you need help with an unfamiliar acronym from time to time? The IMF is here to serve as your personal translator with handy resources, such as a newly updated list of myeloma acronyms. CLICK HERE to learn all of the latest myeloma acronyms and terms.


Reaching the Myeloma Community Through Twitter


Cindy Chmielewski was diagnosed with myeloma in 2008 and turned to both the IMF and the internet as resources to learn about her disease and to connect with others like her. Utilizing social media, like Facebook pages for support groups and her own Twitter account, she has since become one of the best resources for myeloma information, live-Tweeting conferences and meetings and interacting with top doctors in the field. Cindy recently shared in a blog post what social media has done for her, as well as what it can do for others, saying: “Together, we can transform the myeloma community so patients all over the world have the knowledge to take part in their treatment decisions.” CLICK HERE to read Cindy’s blog and follow her on Twitter @MyelomaTeacher.


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