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Upcoming Professional Meetings
The IMF actively participates in a number of major medical meetings throughout the year.

SWOG Group Meeting
April 9-13, 2003
San Diego, CA

ONS Annual Meeting
May 1-3, 2003
Denver CO

IXth International Workshop On Multiple Myeloma
May 23-27, 2003
Salamanca, Spain
Every two years, the myeloma scientific community gathers to discuss the state of the art in myeloma treatment and research.

ASCO Annual Meeting
May 31-June 3, 2003
Chicago, IL

ECOG Group Meeting
June 5-7, 2003
New Orleans, LA

SWOG Group Meeting
October 1-5, 2003
Seattle, WA

ECOG Group Meeting
November 15-17, 2003
Miami, FL

ASH Annual Meeting
December 5-9, 2003
San Diego, CA

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