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Dorothy Russell

Inverness, FL; k4fnu@citrus.infi.net

1926 / Class of '95 (MGUS '85) / Type: IgG / MGUS progressed to MM over 10 years / Last Update: 9/00

IRC via OncoChat (Undernet:Washington DC USA)

Dorothy and John Russell (74 and 76 yrs young), Multiple Myeloma Survivor and caregiver.

Her story as of February 8, 1997: I was originally diagnosed with MGUS in 1985. I had been experiencing fainting spells and my GP ran a variety of blood tests, then referred me to an oncologist because of my "high" protein.

In Nov. 1995 the IgG increased from 2700 to 5400 and after a bone marrow extraction and a full body scan, I was diagnosed with MM Stage 1. No lesions and a prognosis was given by a local onco-doc of 1 to 10 years. Conventional M & P therapy regime was commenced in Nov 95--interrupted in Jan 96 for a gall bladder removal, overnight hospitalization and continuing from February to Aug 1996.

Reached my plateau and am now enjoying life without chemo! Have Aredia every 28 days and really feel it helps.

I visited Dr Ballester, at the HC Moffit Cancer Center, on the University of South Florida in Tampa Fl. on June 18, 1996 and he advised that I was doing well; I had the "good myeloma" that they called "Indolent MM". The treatment I had received by my local Oncologist was confirmed. He said, by Christmas I should be in remission and 4 or 5 years until my first relapse. He was right about the remission and I declare him right about the years before relapse!

Obviously, the standard treatments have reduced my protein levels. The side effects of the chemo have been many, ranging from extreme tiredness to nausea and constipation. However, I feel my treatment has been proper and I have tolerated it well. Thank God for giving me more time on earth. I appreciate the loving support from my cyberspace family on IRC's Oncochat and the Myeloma List.

September 2000:Dottie I am still at "plateau" still with Aredia every 28 days. My counts are fine! I was diagnosed in early June with Parkinson's Disease, stage 2. With the medication, I am doing very well. I feel good!

Watch for John on IRC #OncoChat

Dottie & John, The 70's yr young Russells, Inverness, FL, USA

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