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Myeloma Minute
July 19, 2012
July 19, 2012
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Los Angeles Patient & Family Seminar

August 10-11, 2012

San Antonio Regional Community Workshop
Sat, Aug 18, 2012

Boston Patient & Family Seminar
August 24-25, 2012

No-Sweat Summer Fundraisers That Can Make a Difference
Get involved, have fun and make a difference this summer by helping fund myeloma research, education and programs! IMF Director of Member Events Suzanne Battaglia offers some out-of-the-box ideas for good works that are good fun. READ MORE

More Than 500 Myeloma Experts Gather in the Land of Cherry Blossoms for IMF Japan Patient and Doctor Meetings
The IMF team was honored to participate in the 37th Annual Japanese Myeloma Society (JMS) meetings attended by over 500 Japanese myeloma experts, writes IMF Chairman Dr. Brian Durie in his blog post about the recent visit. The trip also provided a sneak peek of Kyoto, where myeloma researchers from around the world will gather in April 2013 for the IMW (International Myeloma Workshop) meeting. READ MORE

Advocate of the Month: Lisa Paulun of Detroit, Michigan
Myeloma patient Lisa Paulun had to stop working as a nurse practitioner. But the Action Team Leader for the Detroit Support Group continues to make an impact on her community. In less than a month, Paulun and her team collected 200 filled-out postcards in support of oral cancer drug parity in Michigan. Our Advocate of the Month says that being an advocate “gives my life some meaning again.” READ MORE

We’re Recruiting an Army of Volunteers to Take Action Against Myeloma
Plan to get busy the weekend of September 7 – 10! That’s when the IMF is calling on everyone to Take Action Against Myeloma! Organize a garage sale, a bake sale, a car wash or even a lemonade stand and do your bit to fight cancer! The IMF will hold a garage sale at our headquarters in North Hollywood, Calif., September 8. As IMF President and Co-founder Susie Novis explains, "It's not junk, it's hope!" Sign on and we’ll give you the tools you need to make a difference. READ MORE
Myeloma Caregiver Wife Blog: The Bench in the Lobby
The day her husband received his myeloma diagnosis, “everything in our lives suddenly changed forever,” writes Kim McLaughlin. “That night, we went out for Chinese food. Alan's fortune cookie said ‘Nature, time and patience are the best physicians.’ We didn't believe it, but when we got home, I typed that fortune into the screensaver on his computer.” READ MORE
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