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Bill Miller

Herrin, IL; brandon3@midwest.net

6-14-51 / Class of '86 / Type IgG kappa / Last update: 2/00

I was born and raised in Herrin, IL. Herrin is a mining and industrial town. I was never exposed to any chemicals and was in good health before 1986. Cancer is not a big part of my family history, having to go back two generations to find any.

I hurt my back in 1984 in a job related incident, and had pneumonia in 1980. I was initially presented in February 1986 at age 34 with back pain and symptoms suggestive of cord compression. Evaluation revealed T11 spinal cord compression and a biopsy revealed plasmacytoma. Surgery was done, with anterior decompression and bone graft. I was treated with 3,920 rads of radiation from T9 to L1. In December 1987, X-rays showed lytic lesions of the skull and femur. I was placed on a Southwest Oncology Group protocol on February 1988. My paraprotein was 7.7 gm/d1.I was treated with Cytoxan, Melphalan, Vincristine and Prednisone, alternating with BCNU, Adriamycin, Vincristine and Prednisone. I was randomized in Oct. 1988 to no further therapy. I was restarted on VMCP chemotherapy (Vincristine, Melphalan, Cytoxan and Prednisone). I stayed on this regimen until August 1991.

On September 1991, I began alpha interferon maintenance therapy of 3 million units/m2 three times per week. I had a allogeneic bone marrow transplant done in September 1992. The paraprotein did not disappear but did decrease to 0.3 gm/d1 by February 1993. In August 1995 I was restarted on chemotherapy consisting of Cytoxan, Alkeran and Decadron. I had a donor leukocyte infusion done in 1997. I was restarted on chemo in March 1998 and again in June 1999. In December 1999 I was started on thalidomide, starting at 100mg’s increasing to 300mg’s. At this time I am doing good and am able to work 40 to 60 hours per week. I am a self employed plumbing contractor which consist of a lot manual labor. My doctor is Dr. Paul Petruska oncology and hematology at St. Louis University Hospital.

Bill Miller

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