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GSK3beta Inhibition Reduces the Effects of Multiple Myeloma Induced Bone Disease
Ulf Krause, MD
Institute for Regenerative Medicine
Texas A&M University Health Science Center
Bryan, Texas, USA

Funded by the Annual Carolyn Czerkies Memorial Golf Outing

The majority of multiple myeloma (MM) patients suffer from bone lesions, caused by MM cells which disrupt the normal balance between bone growth and resorption. These effects are often irreversible: even after achieving good chemotherapy response and control of bone loss by bisphosphonate treatment, no bone repair occurs. The goal of this study is to generate novel, effective and feasible bone repair strategies that are compatible with current chemotherapy regimes. The class of drugs to be tested both re-initiates bone repair and directly acts against MM cells, thus increasing patients’ quality of life while reducing the probability of disease relapse.

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