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Florida Advocate Seeks Support of HR 2746

In August, George Jurak of Auburndale, FL met with staff member Perianne Boring from Representative Dennis Ross’ district office regarding HR 2746, the Cancer Coverage Parity Act of 2011. 

At the start of the meeting George got choked up as he told Perianne that the worst thing you can ever hear is that you have cancer. It was then he learned that Perianne’s mother had battled breast cancer and they immediately had a connection.

She listened intently to all of George’s points and agreed with them. He explained that all patients should have access to chemotherapy regardless of the delivery method. And, emphasized that the bill is not an insurance mandate because it will only apply to health plans that already cover chemotherapy.

Perianne asked George to email the leave behind materials the IMF Advocacy Team put together so Rep. Ross could read through it. She then informed him that she would be in touch with an answer from Rep. Ross told George that she would be in touch with an answer to whether her boss would co-sponsor HR 2746.

"Meeting the Representative of Congressman Ross was my first experience in dealing with Government identities. I was encouraged in how professional the Representative’s staffer handled herself and how genuinely concerned she was with my myeloma condition and request for the Congressman’s help," said George.

George plans to follow up with Perianne this week.

If passed, HR 2746 will require health insurers that already cover chemotherapy to cover oral anticancer medications on a basis no less favorable than intravenous or injected anticancer medications. Insurers cannot raise the out-of-pocket costs of IV nor can they reclassify anticancer medications to achieve compliance.

Congratulations and THANK YOU to George for being Advocate of the Month for September!

How You Can Help

Please email your US Representative and ask him/her to co-sponsor HR 2746 TODAY!

Contact your Representative’s district office or DC office and ask that he/she co-sponsor HR 2746. If possible, schedule a face-to-face meeting in the district office. To locate your Representative’s district office, visit our Action Center at www.advocacy.myeloma.org.

We have drafted everything you need for a district meeting including talking points, advocacy tips, and materials to leave with Congressional staff at the meeting. All of these documents are posted on our website.  


If you are not yet an IMF advocate, please sign up here

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