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Epigenetics in multiple myeloma and prospects for translational research
Hiroshi Yasui, MD, PhD
First Department of Internal Medicine and Department of Biochemistry
Sapporo Medical University
Sapporo, Japan

Epigenetic changes such as DNA methylation play a key role in the development and progression of multiple myeloma. Recently, we reported that cDNA microarray analyses in myeloma cell lines treated with or without DNA methyltransferase inhibitor identify epigenetically inactivated tumor-related genes including RASD1, which is associated with dexamethasone resistance.

Our aim in the present study was to decipher a whole genome DNA methylation profile in myeloma cell lines as well as in patient tumor cells using next-generation sequencing technologies and to assess their role in myeloma progression and drug-resistance. These studies will provide the evidence of the involvement of epigenetic gene silencing in myeloma progression, and rationale of demethylation therapy to overcome drug-resistance in multiple myeloma.

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