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Thank you for your support of the Myeloma Survivor!
Thank you for your votes for “The Survivor” throughout the Sponsafier NASCAR design contest. The results of the contest are in—and while we did not place first, your support drove "The Survivor" into the top 10 out of over 50,000 entries!

Our car received over 20,000 votes during the course of the contest. More important, your votes, your interest and your support helped raise awareness about myeloma: the road to new treatments – IV and oral drugs that are keeping myeloma in check longer with a good quality of life, and the work of the International Myeloma Foundation – educating and supporting patients and caregivers.

Thanks to Keith May who designed the car and to all of you who voted in the contest. Your incredible dedication and support have been invaluable.

We've come to the end of this contest, but our cause continues as we work to "beat myeloma to the finish line." We look forward to continuing to work with all of you to spread this message!

Thank you all again!
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