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Myeloma Minute
July 19, 2010
Welcome to the IMF's Myeloma Minute
News about myeloma treatment, research, support and the myeloma community
from the International Myeloma Foundation.


Virginia Support Group Leader Takes on Capitol Hill
Jerry Walton, Support Group Leader, Southeastern Virginia, accompanied by the IMF advocacy team, visited Washington to talk to his legislators about the issues facing members of his support group and the myeloma community.

The Brian D. Novis Grant Applications for 2011 are on the web
The IMF offers grants to doctors and researchers working in the field of myeloma. All grant applications for funding in 2011 must be received by the IMF by August 31, 2010.

International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) Guidelines for Serum Free Light Chain Analysis in Multiple Myeloma and Related Disorders
The following guidelines from the International Myeloma Working Group describe the potential uses of the serum free light chain (SFLC) assay and distinguish which uses have proved their utility and which are still undergoing investigation.

International Myeloma Working Group (IMWG) Guidelines for Molecular Classification of Multiple Myeloma
The intent of this statement is to provide a biological classification of multiple myeloma and to establish the prognostic value of known genetic factors.

Eighth Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award presented to Dr. Joan Bladé
The setting for the evening was a Catalonian masia (a typical farmhouse of the region) called Can Travi Nou near the Vall d'Hebron Park in Barcelona. More than two hundred guests were in attendance to honor the lifelong dedication and commitment of Dr. Bladé to myeloma patients, their families, and to myeloma research.

Polycomb Target Genes Are Silenced in Multiple Myeloma
Researchers have identified a profile of genes that are silenced by epigenetic mechanisms in the malignant plasma cell. The silenced genes have a common denominator in being targets and controlled by the Polycomb repressor complex (PcG). (from PLOS One)

Zoledronic acid superior to clodronate for skeletal-related events in newly diagnosed multiple myeloma
The use of zoledronic acid for the prevention of skeletal-related events in patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma was superior to treatment with clodronate and was found to improve survival even after adjustment for potential effects of skeletal-related events on survival. (from HemOnc today)

ON THE FRITZ An Evening with Fritz Coleman
If you live in Los Angeles, Fritz Coleman is known as the wittiest weatherman in town. Join him on Sunday, August 22, for an afternoon of his affable yet acerbic take on life in the biz, followed by a special reception benefitting the IMF.

Bone marrow stromal cells from multiple myeloma patients uniquely induce bortezomib resistant NF-kappaB activity in myeloma cells
Components of the microenvironment such as bone marrow stromal cells (BMSCs) are well known to support multiple myeloma (MM) disease progression and resistance to chemotherapy including the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib. However, functional distinctions between BMSCs in MM patients and those in disease-free marrow are not completely understood. (from 7th Space Interactive)

*Members of Scientific Advisory Board, †Members of International Myeloma Working Group


If you would like more information about any clinical trial, you can call the IMF Hotline at 800-452-CURE. The Myeloma Matrix has a current list of all myeloma trials from pre-clinical to recently FDA approved. If you would like to browse trials currently open for enrollment, visit the Clinical Trials page of the IMF web site. Among the links, you will find EmergingMed, with whom the IMF has entered into a partnership to assist you in matching trials to your particular patient profile (i.e., stage of disease, previous treatment, how well you are able to carry out the activities of daily living, etc.) and by doing so, increase your chances of being eligible. You can also learn more about clinical trials by reviewing materials from the National Cancer Institute (NCI). To see the summaries of newsworthy clinical trial results, visit the National Cancer Institute Multiple Myeloma Trial Results.

Note: Some of the international seminar cities have been set, but the venues and agendas are still in the works. Check back often if you are interested in attending, as we post the sites and speakers as they are confirmed.


  • Kindness for a Cure: The Denise Gaeta Bencel Fund
    Let's make the world a bit nicer and help find a cure - a win-win! Spend one month - 30 days - spreading kindness to others. Pay yourself one dollar per day - less than the cost of a cup of coffee. At the end of the thirty days donate the money to the International Myeloma Foundation. Tell us about your personal experiences during this month. Click here to visit the event website for more information and to make your donation.
  • Veterans Against Myeloma
    IMFer Jerry Walton encourages all vets to join Veterans Against Myeloma. "Many MM patients are veterans. Our combined efforts to continue our service through the Veterans Against Myeloma cause can help research and help us win the battle by finding a cure. Hopefully one day together we can say 'Mission Accomplished!'"
  • VISIONS Notecards by Jeff; A Cure for Karl
    Jeff Hanson is a 15 year-old, visually impaired artist from Overland Park, Kansas. IMFer Karl Vollstedt and Jeff are great friends who use their time and talents to benefit others. Jeff created these note cards as a gift to Karl and to myeloma research.

As a non-profit organization, the IMF is completely dependent on the support of our members. Tax-deductible donations in honor of a friend or family member make great gifts and are a wonderful way to celebrate a special occasion. You can donate online or by calling the IMF at (800) 452-CURE.

How to Host an Afternoon Tea
An elegant and easy way to build awareness about myeloma and raise money in your community, and the IMF will help.

Kids Fight Back!
Kids, need to earn a Citizenship merit badge or fulfill community service requirements? Here's a great idea about how to do both while you fight back against myeloma. We'll help you put on the best fundraiser ever!
Shop for the IMF
Shop with the leading merchants on the Internet, receive the same price as anyone else visiting their sites, and support the IMF at the same time!
See more exciting ways to help the IMF continue its important work in education, support and research.


Have you downloaded your Myeloma Manager Personal Care Assistant

Another exciting first from the IMF!
Free software to help manage and understand your lab results, and more!

Question for the Hotline? Use Click to Talk!
Click to Talk puts you in touch with our Hotline more easily. Just click the icon that appears in the upper right hand corner on every page, enter your phone number, and you will receive a call from our office that will connect you to the Hotline. If you call after hours, you can set up a specific time and number for a callback.

The IMF’s Living Well with Myeloma quarterly teleconference series continues on August 5th with Nutrition.
Speaker is Loch S. Chandler, N.D., M.S.O.M., L.Ac., from Providence Integrative Medicine Clinic, Portland, Oregon.

Help for Underinsured Myeloma Patients
Thanks to the advocacy of the IMF, the Chronic Disease Fund has received an infusion of money to help them meet the needs of underinsured patients with multiple myeloma. The fund is designed to help patients with their insurance co-payments and/or their Medicare Part D 'doughnut holes.' Patients must qualify based on financial need. To speak with a representative of the Chronic Disease Fund, please call 877-968-7233, or contact them through their web site at cdfund.org.

A tool to help understand the current status of the disease and the questions you should be asking.
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