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About the Action Network

We need your help and support! It’s your personal story and your personal fight that will build our importance as strong advocates for all patients with myeloma.

There are critical issues that need ACTION if we are to give every patient the best possible chance of effective and safe treatment for their myeloma – and a cure for this disease as soon as possible:

  • We must foster innovation – into ways to prevent and to treat myeloma

  • We need every myeloma patient to be able to get appropriate treatment from clinicians with the necessary skills and expertise

  • We need to increase the funds available for research

  • We must accelerate access to new and development-stage agents wherever possible

The IMF has a history of addressing priorities like these, but in 2009 we reinvigorated our action initiative, and we need an army of patients, doctors, nurses, friends, and family members to work with us to achieve our goals.

Have a look at What YOU Can Do to help.

To get the details about our advocacy priorities, look at our Statement of Principles and visit the Action Center.

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