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Myeloma Minute
February 25, 2009

Welcome to the IMF's Myeloma Minute
News about myeloma treatment, research, support and the myeloma community
from the International Myeloma Foundation.



Webcasts to Provide Live and on-Demand Coverage of
Presentations and Discussions by the World's Leading Myeloma Experts

The IMF will provide complete Internet coverage each day of the XIIth International Myeloma Workshop in Washington, D.C. from February 26 through March 1.

The Workshop is the world's premier myeloma meeting and provides updates on all aspects of myeloma, from the latest advances in basic research to up-to-the-minute discussions of practical treatment strategies involving novel therapies. A highlight of the Workshop is the lively and spirited debates that ensue when experts opinions differ.

For the first time the IMF will provide live streaming webcasts of these important discussions. The sessions will also be archived for on-demand viewing and should be available within a few days after the live webcast. There will be over 100 presentations included in the webcast.

The live webcast will begin on Thursday morning, February 26th and run through Sunday, March 1st. We will be presenting the webcast using a tool that allows us to show a live video of the presenter synchronized with high quality images of the slides being shown.*

View the full program and on-demand versions of the presentations at http://imw.myeloma.org.

Join the live webcast at http://live.myeloma.org.

And, the IMF is blogging from the XIIth International Myeloma Workshop!
Providing both patient and nursing perspectives on the meeting, IMF members will be blogging daily from IMW. Maddie Hunter, long-time patient and co-leader of the Philadelphia Myeloma Support Group, and veteran of the XIth International Myeloma Workshop in Kos, Greece, will be sharing her thoughts and perceptions on the presentations and workshop events. Members of the IMF Nurse Leadership Board (NLB), Beth Faiman and Elizabeth Bilotti, will be blogging daily from Washington DC, sharing information of interest to nurses and other healthcare professionals.

View the blogs at http://blogs.myeloma.org

Enjoy the show!

*To view the webcast at its best, be sure to use current versions of either Internet Explorer or Safari. You also need to have a current version of Windows Media Player installed on your computer. Popup blockers need to be disabled. You may also be asked to allow installation of a Microsoft ActiveX control called Microsoft animation. If you have any problems viewing the webcast, please email us at webcast@myeloma.org.

Many thanks to the supporters of The Myeloma Minute:
Celgene Corporation, Millennium Pharmaceuticals and The Binding Site.
Please call the hotline (800) 452-CURE (800-452-2873) or email TheIMF@myeloma.org if you have any questions.
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