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Download the classic folksong Shenandoah to your iPod or Zune, and make a donation to the the IMF.
This holiday season, why not do something for yourself and the IMF. For every 99-cent download of Shenandoah, beautifully sung by singer-songwriter Taylor Barton, she will donate her royalties to the IMF.

Taylor Barton is an award-winning singer/songwriter, who with her husband, former Saturday Night Live guitarist and music director G.E. Smith, has recently released her sixth album, Spiritual Gangster. A friend of Peter and Loraine Boyle, Taylor is donating the royalties from one of the cuts from that album, the classic folksong Shenandoah, to the IMF. For 99 cents, you can download the song and not only enjoy the music, but know that your money has gone to support the IMF's research efforts. For less than a latte, you can help find a cure.

Here are the links to make your purchase:

iTunes Store

Mp3 from Amazon.com through "Shop for the IMF"

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