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Douglas Edward Joshua, MD

Douglas Edgar Joshua, MD
Royal Prince Alfred Hospital
Camperdown, NSW, Australia
IMF Scientific Advisory Board

Dr. Joshua is the Senior Staff Specialist in Hematology, R.P.A.H., Head of both the Myeloma Research Unit, and the Bone Marrow Transplantation Unit. He is the research affiliate in Clinical Immunology at the University of Sydney, and President of the Hematology Society of Australia. Dr. Joshua also is a member of the South West Area Medical Appointments & Credentials Committee and Chairman, Joint Specialty Advisory Committee in Hematology of The Royal College of Physicians and the Royal College of Pathologists of Australia. He is Associate Professor of Medicine, University of Sydney.

Dr. Joshua was born on August 1, 1946. He received his degree with First Class Honors in 1968 from the University of Sydney. Dr. Joshua has held many positions including Visiting Research Fellow, Department of Immunology, University of Birmingham, U.K. and Nuffield Dominions Trust Scholar, Oxford University Medical School, Wolfson College, Oxford.

Dr. Joshua holds many honors, among them Chairman, Myeloma Studies I and II, National Clinical Trials, Royal College of Physicians of Australia Chairman, Joint Specialist Advisory Committee in Hematology, New South Wales Fellowship of Jewish Doctors, Councilor, Royal College of Pathologists of Australia, Chairman, Joint Specialist Advisory Committee in Hematology. He has lectured at the Post Graduate Committee in Medicine, University of Sydney Course in Internal Medicine and Course in Immunology and for the University of Sydney in Medicine. Dr. Joshua was the Chairman, Peer Review Committee, and is Scientific Advisor to the Australian Bone Marrow Registry.

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