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Overview of the Cancer Patient Statement of Principles

The IMF’s advocacy action initiatives are based on five simple principles that are relevant not just to myeloma patients but to cancer patients in general:

  1. Prevention is the key to reducing the burden of cancer (including myeloma)

  2. Continuing innovation is critical to early diagnosis and better treatment

  3. Equality of access to care is imperative

  4. Early approval of new treatments for deadly cancers is essential

  5. Patients who have exhausted approved therapies need simplified access to experimental agents whenever possible

Click here to read the Cancer Patient Statement of Principles in full.

"The application of these principles is especially important to patients diagnosed with any of the eight lethal cancers, those that have five-year survival rates of less than 50 percent. These cancers, including multiple myeloma, will cause nearly half the cancer deaths projected in America this year. This is one of the key reasons we must assure that all patients have access to well-trained specialists and that we continue to develop newer, better treatments until there is a cure."
Susie Novis, president and co-founder of the IMF.

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