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At the end of every year, I take time to recap our achievements of the past year to let you know the progress we've made, and what the New Year may hold.

But this year, I also need to ask you for your help.

I don't need to tell you what shape the economy is in. We're all affected by it, and the uncertainty of not knowing what's going to happen next is very stressful for us all.

But the IMF needs your help now more than ever. We're dependent on people like you to make a donation to ensure that the services and programs we provide continue to be the lifeline so many people have come to rely on – maybe even you.

I'm asking you to please give—give whatever you can—every dollar counts.

The IMF means many things to many people. We're often described as "the light at the end of the tunnel." And many people tell us that they "don't know what they'd do without us."

Over the past 19 years, we've become many things to many people. And we need your help to continue.

You're helped by the IMF when you

  • Call the hotline and speak to one of our coordinators and find them to be a wealth of information, or just a buddy on the other end of the line when you really need someone to just listen.

  • Attend one of our Patient & Family Seminars or Community Workshops and feel empowered and hopeful from the incredible information and one-on-one attention you receive from the myeloma experts who participate as faculty. You feel such a sense of relief knowing you're not in this alone when you meet others and share experiences with them.

  • Open the complimentary information package and find the amazing array of brochures and booklets that pour out, and you have the latest and most up-to-date information at your fingertips. And you are relieved that the information is available in multiple languages, because the IMF speaks your language!

  • Use our multilingual website to find everything you need to know to help you in your fight against myeloma, and you're encouraged when you read an article about someone like you who has myeloma and is beating the odds.

  • Attend a support group meeting, and you see the love, dedication, and hard work that Kelly, Robin, Arin, and Andy put into it to make sure you and your group have what you need.

That's the hands-on stuff we do...

The IMF also does so much more, for so many people, such as developing the new Myeloma Manager—your very own "personal assistant," so you can keep track of your numbers and much more.

The IMF has changed the paradigm of treatment, through the IMF's International Myeloma Working Group, the International Myeloma Forum, and the Nurse Leadership Board.

We make advances in research through our grant program and our signature research program Bank On A Cure®.

And of course we bring you the free publication, Myeloma Today. The first edition was published in 1992, and since then has been a resource for people around the world, with diverse articles of importance to all of our members, patients, doctors, nurses, and health care professionals.

Maybe you've always meant to give but haven't—well, now is the time! If you always give—thank you, don't stop!

The IMF team truly feels honored and humbled that we're able to reach out and help others. We do what we do because we care about you and your family. We never want to you to have to worry that you'd have to fight this disease alone. No one ever should.

So please give what you can, and help us continue to provide you with these outstanding services you've come to rely on. The IMF is a lifeline for so many.

Give what you can—but please give.

Thank you,

Susie Novis

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