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We Mourn the Passing of IMF Board Member, Rich Saletan
An active member of the IMF's Board of Directors since 2001, Rich Saletan was responsible for many of the IMF's most innovative programs.

Joining the IMF's Board of Directors in 2001, Rich Saletan was responsible for the growth of the foundation not only in the amount of revenue but also in the innovating programs he developed. His guidance and expertise helped the foundation realize a 200% increase in revenue from 2001 through 2007.

His interest in developing programs to help myeloma patients led him to develop the Myeloma Matrix – a comprehensive listing of drugs making their way through clinical trials for myeloma patients. He also was responsible for the concept that led to design of the Myeloma Manager, a computer-based program where patients can track their numbers.

The IMF’s cornerstone research project Bank On A Cure®, the world’s first myeloma-specific DNA databank, was also the brainchild of Rich Saletan—from the initial concept in 2003, to the full establishment of the "Bank." This Bank is already showing results and will lead to untold progress in how myeloma patients are treated and new drug development.

Rich was instrumental in developing and advancing the many programs of the IMF, including Patient & Family Seminars, publications, website, hotline, and Support Groups to name a few. He is the author of the IMF's "positioning line"—"Until There is a Cure… There is the IMF." He was also directly responsible for putting in place an infrastructure that has allowed the IMF to grow and prosper, meeting the needs of myeloma patients and their families around the world.

You can read more about Rich Saletan in his interview in Myeloma Today.

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