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The IMF in Atlanta
By Andy Lebkuecher

Andy Lebkuecher was invited to attend the Atlanta Employees Health Fair representing the IMF. Cathy Lebkuecher represented the Atlanta Area Multiple Myeloma Support Group, Doris Morgan represented the Southside Multiple Myeloma Support Group. Assisting was Jamica Williamson, a patient member of both groups.

A great number of people visited the booth. Some had a connection with a myeloma patient. One visitor had myeloma; one woman reported that her husband appears to have all the symptoms. Cathy and Doris explained that testing was important and what tests he might have done. One woman had lost a mother, aunt and brother to myeloma.

Everyone at the booth was ready to assist all the participants with answers to their questions. In general most had not heard of myeloma, Doris and Jamica were very effective in talking about their myeloma journey and how survival was now possible. Ten people signed up for Andy to send more information.

Andy did a presentation on the International Myeloma Foundation and what it is doing in research and patient education. He made contact with Grady Health System Cancer Volunteers and the Georgia Cancer Foundation. He got several requests to do presentations and set up a display at upcoming health fairs and seminars. He received an invitation to attend the Atlanta City Jazz Ensembles anniversary show, which will be dedicated to improving health education in Atlanta.

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