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Webcast of Portland Patient & Family Seminar
July 7-8, 2006

Whether you are newly-diagnosed or well-versed in myeloma treatments, an IMF Patient & Family Seminar has something for you. If you are deciding whether to attend an IMF seminar, why not sit in on the Portland, Oregon seminar held in July. The IMF cameras were there to capture it all except for two important components: the breakout sessions where you get to meet with the experts and ask questions about your specific case, and the in-between times when you meet hundreds of others who are, like you, living with myeloma.

Click on the thumbnails to your right to view the videos. (Viewing requires Real Player, a free download.)

  • Introduction to the IMF
    Welcome, Susie Novis
    Interactive Introduction

  • "Multiple Myeloma 101-What to do when you are first diagnosed."
    Robert Kyle, MD

  • "Current Options for Frontline Therapy and Transplantation."
    Brian Durie, MD

  • "Achieving best bone health and quality of life."
    Robert Vescio, MD

  • "Personal insights in dealing with myeloma."
    Patient Panel

  • "Bank On A Cure® Update and Presentation."
    Brian Durie, MD

  • "What is the approach for the relapsing patient and the recommendations in relapse therapy."
    Nikhil Munshi, MD

  • "Novel Therapies in Myeloma - Where are we with the new agents."
    Brian Durie, MD and Faculty Panel

  • Patient Testimonials

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