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Myeloma Minute - October 17, 2006
You get the Minute, so you are certainly aware of myeloma. But are you aware of the power of the myeloma support group? The first time you walk into a support group meeting you realize you are surrounded by people who have asked the same questions of their doctors, made the same seemingly-impossible treatment choices, faced the same fears. And here they are chatting and laughing and eating coffeecake. At that moment you know that you are not alone in your fight against myeloma. Click here to find a support group near you, or click here to join the online support community, the ListServ.
Genzyme and AnorMED Reach Agreement on Acquisition
Genzyme Corporation and AnorMED Inc. announced today that they have executed a mutually beneficial support agreement under which Genzyme will acquire AnorMED in an all cash transaction. Through this transaction, Genzyme is acquiring MOZOBIL, a leading late-stage product candidate in development for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. MOZOBIL is being tested in Phase 3 clinical trials and is expected to launch in 2008. (from WebWire)
Report from the Bologna Patient & Family Seminar
On Friday, September 29, 2006, the fourth annual IMF Italian Patient & Family Seminar was held in the beautiful city of Bologna. The IMF was pleased to once again collaborate with our Italian colleagues including Prof. Michele Cavo who was the seminar Chair for this meeting.
Cephalon Receives FDA Approval of FENTORA (fentanyl buccal tablet) for the Management of Breakthrough Pain in Patients with Cancer
Fentora is the first pain medicine in seven years to be approved for the management of breakthrough pain in patients with cancer. (from Cephalon)
Myeloma twice as likely to affect African Americans
Studies show African Americans are twice as likely to be diagnosed with the disease versus Caucasians, and recent statistics indicate both increasing incidence and younger age of onset. (from the Louisiana Weekly)
UCLA Imaging Study Shows Changes in Brain Function Even 10 Years After Cancer Patients Undergo Chemotherapy
Cancer survivors, take note. The mental fog and forgetfulness of "chemo brain" are no figment of your imagination. A new UCLA study shows that chemotherapy causes changes to the brain's metabolism and blood flow that can linger at least 10 years after treatment. (from UCLA Healthcare)
Jellyfish Genes May Help Track Cancer
Japanese scientists are developing a method of tracking the spread of cancer using light-producing genes from jellyfish. (from United Press International)
Only a Few Tickets Left for the Trip for Two to Barcelona, Spain!
You need to act now if you would like the opportunity to support the IMF's Myeloma Research and win a trip to Spain.
Fly American Airlines and stay at the Hotel Arts Ritz-Carlton in Barcelona for 7 days and 6 nights, including daily breakfast for two. Read on....
Bisphosphonates Evolve Beyond Palliative Care
In this era of targeted cancer therapies, researchers are adapting bisphosphonates - an "old workhorse" class of drugs first synthesized at the end of the 19th century and later used to treat osteoporosis and prevent complications from bone metastases - to carry anticancer drugs directly to cancer cells in the bone. (from the NCI Cancer Bulletin)
Nobel in Medicine: Poor Research Funding Costs Lives
Craig Mello, co-laureate of the 2006 Nobel Prize in medicine, deplored poor funding of medical research as a waste of precious time and costs human lives. "The consequence of not acting is we are sentencing people to death when we could be helping" with new drugs and therapies, he said at a news conference in Worcester, Massachusetts. (from Yahoo News)
Millions up for grabs in genetic research race
The physician who sent the first millionaire into space is now setting his sights on medical research. Dr Peter Diamandis and his X Prize Foundation recently announced they're planning a contest that will offer a ten million dollar prize to support breakthroughs in high volume and rapid genome sequencing. (from the National Review of Medicine)
Zolinza becomes first approved HDAC inhibitor
FDA approves first-in-class Zolinza (vorinostat) for cutaneous T-cell lymphoma (CTCL). In addition to CTCL, Zolinza is being investigated in other indications including myeloma. (from Pharmaceutical Business Review)
Go to Milan for Myeloma Research...or maybe Paris for Patient & Family Seminars
If you are one of the hundreds of supporters that visited the IMF's new travel website recently, we want to say, "thank you." By all indications, this new membership service is a BIG hit! And, why not? www.myelomatravel.com is the only website where you fund the IMF's programs simply by booking your travel! What a great concept!
The Gift of Hope
IMFers are requesting Mail For The Cure envelopes and letter templates to include in their Holiday cards this year.What better way to let your friends and family know how they can give the gift of hope at this time of year? Please contact Suzanne Battaglia at SBattaglia@myeloma.org or (800) 452-CURE (2873) and let her know how many envelopes you need. And don't forget to order the IMF's Holiday Ornament ($10 each).
Don't forget that the IMF is Part of the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)
Pledges made by Federal civilian, postal and military donors during the campaign season (September 1st to December 15th) support eligible non-profit organizations that provide health and human service benefits throughout the world--now including the IMF! So, if you are a Federal employee, please participate in the CFC campaign, September 1st through December 15th, and designate the IMF as your beneficiary by using our organization code 1178.

Bid on a trip to New York City that includes dinner at Sardi's and tickets to Wicked at the IMF's 16th Anniversary Gala on October 21 in beautiful Beverly Hills. To learn more about the live auctions, and to purchase your tickets for the Gala, please click here.
Researchers Honored by Myeloma Foundation
The multinational team of scientists who developed the "Bank on a Cure" project of the International Myeloma Foundation will be honored at the foundation's anniversary gala on October 21. Dr. Dalsu Baris, a scientist in NCI's Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, is a member of the "Bank on a Cure" team. (from the NCI Cancer Bulletin)

(IMF Scientific Advisors are marked with an *)
  • Targeting mitochondrial factor Smac/DIABLO as therapy for multiple myeloma

    Dharminder Chauhan, Paola Neri, Mugdha Velankar, Klaus Podar, Teru Hideshima, Mariateresa Fulciniti, Pierfrancesco Tassone, Noopur Raje, Constantine S. Mitsiades, Nicholas Mitsiades, Paul G. Richardson*, Leigh Zawel, Mary Tran, Nikhil C. Munshi, and Kenneth C. Anderson*
    Blood published 10 October 2006, 10.1182/blood-2006-04-015149
  • Phase: pre-clinical
    Drug name: LBW242
    Sponsor: Novartis; Dana-Farber
    Indication: a low molecular weight second mitochondria-derived activator of caspases (smac) that promotes apoptosis in myeloma cells resistant to conventional and bortezomib therapies.

  • Phase: pre-clinical
    Drug name: CD32B Mab
    Sponsor: MacroGenics, Inc.
    Indication: Monoclonal antibody targeted against CD32B; may have therapeutic potential in B-cell malignancies (NHL, CLL, MM).
If you would like more information about any clinical trial, you can call the IMF Hotline at 800-452-CURE. The Myeloma Matrix has a current list of all myeloma trials from pre-clinical to recently FDA approved. If you would like to browse trials currently open for enrollment, visit the Clinical Trials page of the IMF web site. Among the links, you will find EmergingMed, with whom the IMF has entered into a partnership to assist you in matching trials to your particular patient profile (i.e., stage of disease, previous treatment, how well you are able to carry out the activities of daily living, etc.) and by doing so, increase your chances of being eligible. You can also learn more about clinical trials by reviewing materials from the National Cancer Institute.

Myeloma Canada Patient, Family & Healthcare Professionals Seminar
October 28, 2006
Montreal, Canada
2nd Southwest Symposium on Multiple Myeloma
November 4, 2006
Tempe, Arizona


The IMF's comprehensive "How-to-FUNdraise" guide is what you need if you're thinking about fundraising in your community but don't know where to start. The guide contains the A - Z of fundraising ideas--like running in a local marathon and asking for donations per mile for myeloma; having a holiday party, where you charge a cover and hold a raffle; asking your local supermarket to donate wine and cheese, then selling tickets and having a cocktail party--as well as tips and guidelines for success. Check out the FUNdraisers below and show your support by donating to their effort online:

Cents for Cells
Beth Morgan is about to undergo a stem cell transplant and she is asking family and friends to help her help the IMF by raising a penny for each stem cell that will be collected. She has dedicated Cents for Cells to the memory of Chris Hollyer.
The Stratford Runner
Sheldon is running 1000 kilometers across Canada to raise money to support myeloma research.
Money for Miracles
The first annual fundraiser from the Rhode Island MM Support Group
October 27, 2006
Cranston, Rhode Island
See complete list of 2006 UPCOMING EVENTS.

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Calling All Kids!
If you are ready to fight back against myeloma, then you need Kids Fight Back, a fundraising program especially for kids.
Tribute Cards
New at the IMF! Order these beautiful tribute cards to send out to your friends and family every time you make a donation in their honor to the IMF.
Read for Research!
Book clubs all over the US are asking their members to use the special IMF links to Amazon (amazon.myeloma.org) and Barnes and Noble (barnesandnoble.myeloma.org) to purchase their book selections each month. That way, members can get the benefit of the same everyday low prices on these web sites AND every purchase results in a donation that supports the programs of the IMF. If your book club hasn't been buying books using the IMF affiliate program links, what are you waiting for? Make your purchases count. Use the links!
Recipes for Research
Marilyn Alexander, the Philadelphia support group, and the IMF community have come together to create one terrific cookbook and handy kitchen reference. From Autumn Apple Cake to Veal Stimbarada, there is something here for every taste. And if you aren't in the mood to cook tonight, there is an entire section with tips on everything from setting the table to stain remover. At only $15, it will make a great holiday gift.
Ribbon of Hope Ornament
Whether you hang one on your holiday tree, your wall, or any other creative place you can think of, the IMF's 4-inch holiday ornament will bring a message of hope to anyone you give it to. We have a limited number available at only $10 each, so why not order one today?
Imagine Moving Forward is the theme of the IMF's popular myeloma bracelet. At medical conferences and patient & family seminars we see people wearing them in honor, celebration, or in memory of a loved one. They're only $1 each in sets of 10, so order them for everyone you know who has been touched by myeloma. Order them on the web. If you have questions about the bracelets or would like more information, contact Suzanne Battaglia at (800) 452-2873, ext. 227, or SBattaglia@myeloma.org.
See more exciting ways to help the IMF continue its important work in education, support and research.

Help for Underinsured Myeloma Patients
Help is available through the Chronic Disease Fund to meet the needs of underinsured patients with multiple myeloma. The fund is designed to help patients with their insurance co-payments and/or their Medicare Part D 'doughnut holes.' Patients must qualify based on financial need. To speak with a representative of the Chronic Disease Fund, please call 877-968-7233, or contact them through their web site at cdfund.org.

Mensajero del Mieloma
La IMF quiere enviar información sobre el mieloma en español a todos los pacientes, familiares e interesados. Para suscribirse al correo electrónico (enviaremos diez números al año), por favor, envíe su dirección a mensajero@myeloma.org. ¡Gracias!


International Staging System

A tool to help understand the current status of the disease and the questions you should be asking.

HealthTalk's Multiple Myeloma Education Network

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