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Have You Made Your New Year's Resolutions Yet!

Why not make a special resolution for the International Myeloma Foundation. One that won't cost you a penny, but can help raise funds for the IMF!

Last year we added a travel website for our supporters that gives money back to the International Myeloma Foundation every time travel is booked on the site. We appreciate those of you who have used this service and put some "fun" in your fundraising, but we can do so much more! If you have not yet tried our travel site, this year when you are planning to travel, use our travel website whenever possible.

Our travel site is at www.myelomatravel.com and is just like having your very own Expedia®. Everything you need is right here. You get access to the same airlines, hotels and rental car companies, cruises and vacation packages you find on all the other major travel websites, and best of all you get some of the lowest travel prices on the Internet!

Plus, any time you book a flight, a hotel, a vacation for your family, a weekend getaway, a cruise, the IMF will receive 40% of the travel commissions...commissions that help our organization and our cause.

Maybe you are planning a trip right now, or maybe you would just like to daydream about a winter vacation to a tropical paradise. Either way, why not take the International Myeloma Foundation travel website for a "test drive."

Oh, and one more thing, please bookmark our new website, www.myelomatravel.com. And remember to use it as much as possible this year when you travel.

Thanks for your commitment to International Myeloma Foundation and for trying out our travel service at www.myelomatravel.com.

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