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Dalsu Baris, MD, PhD
Staff Scientist
Division of Cancer Epidemiology
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
IMF Scientific Advisory Board

At the NCI, Dalsu Baris leads an epidemiologic research program focusing on uncovering environmental risk factors for cancer, with particular interest in multiple myeloma. She is currently conducting several epidemiological studies on multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cancer of the urinary bladder. Her many years as a researcher have given to numerous articles published in prestigious journals as a lead investigator covering the health effects of a wide range of environmental exposures, including magnetic and electrical fields, pesticide use, air pollution and the impact of poverty. She also has co-authored 3 book chapters on epidemiology of multiple myeloma. Dr. Baris received her M.D. degree from Hacettepe University in Turkey and earned her Ph.D. degree from McGill University in Canada.

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