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Scheduled Speakers for the Fourth Annual Robert A, Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award

Julian Adams
Chief Scientific Officer, Infinity Pharmaceuticals

While Senior Vice President of Drug Discovery and Development at Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Julian Adams discovered and developed VELCADE®, an achievement for which he won the International Myeloma Foundation Ribbon of Hope Award in 2001. Prior to his appointments at Infinity and Millennium, Dr. Adams held prestigious research positions at LeukoSite, ProScript, and Boehringer Ingelheim, where he successfully discovered the drug Viramune® for HIV. Dr. Adams received a B.S. from McGill University and a Ph.D. from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in the field of synthetic organic chemistry. He holds over 40 patents, has authored over 100 papers and book chapters, and is the editor of the book Proteasome Inhibition in Cancer Therapy.

Dalsu Baris
Staff Scientist
Division of Cancer Epidemiology
National Cancer Institute (NCI)
IMF Scientific Advisory Board

At the NCI, Dalsu Baris leads an epidemiologic research program focusing on uncovering environmental risk factors for cancer, with particular interest in multiple myeloma. She is currently conducting several epidemiological studies on multiple myeloma, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cancer of the urinary bladder. Her many years as a researcher have given to numerous articles published in prestigious journals as a lead investigator covering the health effects of a wide range of environmental exposures, including magnetic and electrical fields, pesticide use, air pollution and the impact of poverty. She also has co-authored 3 book chapters on epidemiology of multiple myeloma. Dr. Baris received her M.D. degree from Hacettepe University in Turkey and earned her Ph.D. degree from McGill University in Canada.

Bart Barlogie
Professor of Medicine & Pathology, University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Director, Myeloma Institute of Research and Therapy
IMF Scientific Advisory Board

Bart Barlogie is a distinguished myeloma researcher, professor, and clinician. The recipient of the 2004 Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award, Dr. Barlogie has also been honored with the Waldenström Award for Myeloma Research, the Celgene Career Achievement Award in Hematology Research, the Distinguished Alumnus Award from the University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, and two Distinguished Faculty Awards from the University of Arkansas. He has been named one of the "Best Doctors in America" by several prestigious organizations and in March 2006 he was named "National Physician of the Year" by Castle Connolly Medical Ltd. Born and educated in Germany, Dr. Barlogie has lived in the U.S. since 1974. He also serves on the IMF Scientific Advisory Board.

Stephanie Gallagher
President, World City America & World City Foundation

As President of World City America, Inc., Stephanie Gallagher heads a national initiative to capture a share of the booming cruise sector for the American Flag and U.S. economy by introduction of a next-generation 6,200-passenger "floating city." Ms Gallagher is also President of World City Foundation, which distributes the profits of the city-ships to worthy causes. From 1970 through 1986, Stephanie and her husband, Charles, operated The Oceanics Schools and Prince Henry College, offering American and international students academic semesters aboard square-rigged and other sail training vessels.

Michael Katz
Senior Vice President, Booz-Allen & Hamilton, Inc.
IMF Board of Directors

Mike Katz has been an IMF Board Member for over ten years, during which time he has worked extensively building the IMF data base and web site, representing the foundation at many national and international forums, and serving on national cancer advocacy committees. He is a fifteen-year myeloma survivor, diagnosed with the disease in 1990. Mr. Katz's 30 years of management consulting experience spans manufacturing, consumer products, financial services, publishing, travel, direct marketing, credit card processing, communication, and other information industries. He has extensive experience in media and entertainment, having worked with traditional publishing, record companies, interactive media and television motion picture production and distribution companies. Mr. Katz has also worked closely with exchanges and trading firms in the design of automated equity trading platforms. He holds both a B.S. in computer science and an MBA in management science from Columbia University.

Benson Klein
Principal, Ward & Klein
IMF Board of Directors

Benson Klein has been an IMF Board Member for 4 years, and has been the driving force behind many IMF fundraising campaigns, including those featuring Trooper Benson from the comic strip Crock. He and his wife, Carol, are chairs of this year’s Kyle Award dinner. Mr. Klein received his J.D. from Georgetown University and is a member of the Maryland State Bar Association, the District of Columbia Bar Association, and the Montgomery County Bar Association. He serves on the board of organizations in both the business and non-profit sectors and is current president of the Shady Grove Hospital Foundation.

Robert A. Kyle
Professor of Medicine and Laboratory Medicine, Mayo Medical School
IMF Board of Directors
Chairman, IMF Scientific Advisory Board

Robert Kyle, for whom the Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award is named, has served a long, successful career as a professor, researcher and clinician. He has published over 750 articles relating to hematology and oncology, along with an additional 1100 abstracts and editorials. Dr. Kyle was Chairman of the Myeloma Committee of the Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group, a member of the Editorial Board of Leukemia, and Secretary General of International Society of Hematology, Inter-American Division. He received his M.D. with Distinction from Northwestern University Medical School. Dr. Kyle has served on the IMF Board for years and on the Scientific Advisory Board for 15 years.

Gregory Mundy
Professor of Medicine, University of Texas Health Science Center
IMF Board of Directors
IMF Scientific Advisory Board

Greg Mundy is currently Professor of Cellular and Structural Biology at University of Texas Health Science Center, San Antonio, Texas, but in July is moving to Vanderbilt University as Director of the Vanderbilt Center in Bone Biology. Both an IMF board member and a member of the IMF Scientific Advisory Board for 11 years, Dr. Mundy also serves on the Board of Directors of the National Osteoporosis Foundation, the Cancer and Bone Society (of which he is a founder) and the International Bone & Mineral Society (of which he is immediate past-President). Dr. Mundy has also founded 4 biotechnology startup companies for drug discovery for bone and related diseases, 3 of which are still active, and on which he is a board member. Dr. Mundy's publications number over 530 original articles, reviews, book chapters, and monographs, and he is an inventor on 37 issued patents. He has been the recipient of many honors and awards, including the Fuller Albright Award, the American Cancer Society Faculty Research Award, the William F. Neuman Award and the NIH Merit Award. Born in Melbourne, Australia, Dr. Mundy received his MB, BS from the University of Melbourne and his M.D. from the University of Tasmania.

Richard Saletan
Founder, Weston Group
IMF Board of Directors

Rich Saletan has over 40 years of experience in business management, strategic planning, and marketing. Mr. Saletan founded Weston Group, Inc. and as its Chairman and CEO built it into a world-class consulting organization with over 75 employees. His clients, among others, have included Dow, Coca-Cola, Pepsi, General Foods, Chase Manhattan Bank, American Express, Keebler, Nabisco, Bristol-Myers, Shell Oil, and AT&T. For 5 years Mr. Saletan served on the Board of Directors of a NYSE Company. He has been an IMF Board member for 7 years and currently also serves on its Executive Committee.

Howard Urnovitz
Chief Executive Officer, Chronix Biomedical, Inc.

Howard Urnovitz has worked in biotechnology for over 2 decades, in the field of genomics and chronic disease. He was the first scientist to show that nucleic acids circulating in plasma and serum originate from specific host genomic sequences. Dr. Urnovitz is currently CEO of Chronix Biomedical, which he co-founded. A privately held genomics company, Chronix has started to build simple blood tests for multiple myeloma, prostate, and breast cancers. From 1988 to 2001 Dr. Urnovitz founded and served as Chief Science Officer and Director of a publicly-traded biotechnology company. His team developed the only FDA-licensed urine-based diagnostic test for antibodies to HIV. Dr. Urnovitz received his PhD in Microbiology and Immunology from University of Michigan. He completed a post-doctoral fellowship in the Departments of Pathology at both Washington University (St. Louis) and University of Iowa.

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