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Our Guiding Light Shines Bright
By Lisa Mehalick

Lisa Mehalick (right) with her mother,
Yvonne Yaksic, and son, David.

One of my mother's greatest attributes is her ability to teach through example and, when she was diagnosed with myeloma in February of 2005, she continued to acknowledge the many blessings in her life. Throughout her battle with myeloma, she has shown her children and grandchildren how this journey can be one of great healing, physically and spiritually. She has found the silver lining in the dark of cloud of myeloma by starting our family on a path of fundraising to help the myeloma community. Our children's birthdays, Christmas celebrations, etc. became an opportunity to seek donations for the IMF in lieu of gifts. This has been met with the great generosity of our friends and family, and made them feel like they're helping an important cause. We have been able to spread the word about myeloma and raise funds to find a cure. Now that is a true celebration!

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