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I met Dr. Brian Durie more than 30 years ago...
By Robert A. Kyle, MD

I have known Dr. Brian Durie for more than 30 years. I met him when he came to the Mayo Clinic, from Edinburgh, Scotland, to become a medical resident—and subsequently a fellow—in our Hematology/Oncology training program. As you might imagine, he was one of our very best and brightest, with a strong interest in laboratory research.

Brian's time at the Mayo Clinic was fruitful and very successful. I didn't want to give him up. But he moved on to the University of Arizona in Tucson, where he advanced from Instructor to Full Professor of Medicine/Hematology and Oncology in an extremely short 9 years. During this time he made many contributions to the field of multiple myeloma. He and Dr. Sydney Salmon developed the Durie-Salmon Staging System, which has been used throughout the world for the past 30 years. Despite the development of other staging systems intent on improving it, the Durie-Salmon model is still the universally accepted system. In addition, Brian developed the concept of the "plateau state" in multiple myeloma. It had previously been felt that treatment using alkylating agents should be continued indefinitely. But Brian firmly believed that stopping chemotherapy when the plateau state had been achieved was important for patients, sparing them the risk of additional undesirable side effects, as well as sparing them the additional treatment costs and inconveniences. Brian puts patients first.

Brian fully understands the value of creating a community and passing information forward. He was there from the beginning when Brian Novis created the International Myeloma Foundation in 1990. He became Chairman of the Board shortly thereafter and still continues in that role, as well as serving on its Scientific Advisory Board. Brian has done an outstanding job in developing the IMF over the years. Among many other endeavors on the foundation's behalf, since the IMF's inception he has organized, attended, and spoken at over 100 IMF Patient & Family Seminars.

In addition to his research work and his roles at the IMF, Brian has developed a busy consulting practice for multiple myeloma and related disorders. He exercises excellent judgment in the management of his patients and provides them with tireless support. Thoroughly dedicated, he is never too busy to answer patients' questions and attend to their needs.

In short, I can think of no better person that Dr. Brian Durie to receive the Robert A. Kyle Lifetime Achievement Award.

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