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Elise Segar and Red Dot Match Funds for the IMF
International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) President, Susie Novis, was thrilled to receive an early morning call from her niece, Elise Segar, who had some exciting news to share.

Elise works for a company called RedDot Solutions and was in Vermont attending RedDot's annual kickoff meeting for 2006, when CEO Niels Metger surprised the group by announcing that each employee would receive a bonus based on how many years each person had been with the company. He then added to the excitement by telling them that he and his wife Anke would personally match that amount, and each employee could donate the funds to a charity of his or her choice.

Elise immediately designated her bonus to her aunt's foundation - the IMF! She was thrilled to place that early morning call to the west coast to tell Susie the exciting news that the IMF would receive a generous grant from Niels and Anke, the founders of RedDot! Way to go Elise and many thanks to RedDot Solutions!!

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