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Report from the Kyoto Seminar 2005
By Masahiro Namai and board members of IMF Japan
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Our annual seminar held was on 13th Nov 2005 at Kyoto Research Park located at city area in Kyoto. The city was crowded with tourists because it was the season for autumn leaves viewing. The colors of the leaves are so beautiful, especially in a temple.

About 150 participants came together from all over Japan to learn about myeloma. At the beginning of the seminar we had a short ceremony. President Horinouchi (IMF-Japan) gave the Award in Aki's Memory to Dr.Eishi Ashihara of Kyoto University Hospital. He studied gene targeting therapy and cell therapy for refractory multiple myeloma.

This year we had the most number of doctors. Thirteen doctors from the Japan Myeloma Study Group came and supported us. Some of doctors had presentations, and others had individual counseling. Also seven volunteers from a pharmaceutical company staff helped the seminar. In total, about 160 people came together and worked for MM.

Last year many participants felt tense because the schedule of the seminar was too tight. We tried to learn too much in one day. Out of this experience, this year we spent a lot of time for sharing at a tea party at the end of the seminar.

I think that most of the people; not only participants but doctors also felt relaxed and easy this year. They enjoyed talking and sharing their own experiences.

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