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Over 300 In Attendance at Third Italian Patient & Family Seminar

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The third Italian Patient & Family Seminar was held on Friday, October 7, 2005, in the Aula Magna of the Universita degli Studi di Roma, “La Sapienza”. Over 300 people were in attendance and as always, the IMF is very grateful to Prof. Mario Boccadoro who again chaired the meeting and a special thank you to Dr. Maria Teresa Petrucci for organizing the meeting which was the first one to be held in Rome. We were especially honored that Prof. Franco Mandelli was present to welcome the attendees and participate in this seminar.

IMF President, Susie Novis greeted the attendees on behalf ot the IMF and thanked the esteemed faculty and the meeting sponsors, Novartis, Ortho Biotech, Celgene and Pharmion.

Dr. Brian Durie led off with an introduction on myeloma. Dr. Marco Gobbi was the next presenter and his talk covered standard therapies for the treatment of Myeloma. Dr. Petrucci next discussed auto transplantation, and Dr. Benedetto Bruno covered the option of allo transplant.

The afternoon session included an informative talk by Dr. Patrizia Tosi who discussed supportive therapies, and Dr. Tommaso Caravita presented the many new therapies that are now available for myeloma. And last but not least, Dr. Boccadoro provided an excellent conclusion to a very full and informative seminar.

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