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Hand Printed Christmas Cards

This holiday season, send an inspirational message to your family and friends and share the story behind three popular Christmas symbols: The Candy Cane, Holly, and Poinsettia with these letterpressed Christmas Cards.

Each card is hand printed one at a time on fine art watercolor paper using an antique printing press. The result is a deeply embossed design, rich in the Christmas colors of red and green, and archival in quality so that these stories can be remembered and passed on for many more Christmas seasons to come.

The Candy Cane – The inside of the front page tells the story of the Candymaker and his quest to make a candy that represented the true meaning of the Christmas Jesus (see above).( Message: Merry Christmas! May the True Meaning of this Day be with You Now and Always.)

The Christmas Holly – The inside of the front page tells the story of how this thorny tree came to be known for good luck and protection starting with the Holy Family and their flight to Egypt. ( Message: Merry Christmas! May Your Holly Bring Good Luck and Safety for the road you travel.)

The Poinsettia – The inside of the front page tells the story of a poor Mexican girl named Pepita and her bouquet of weeds that blossomed through God’s help into the brilliant red flower we know today. (Message: Merry Christmas! May this Day Bring You the Small Miracles You Wish For.)

These lovingly hand made cards are sold in packs of ten for $25.00 plus shipping.

IMFer Kathleen Tezla's father was diagnosed with myeloma last year at the age of 59. Because of the treatments out there, they will be celebrating this Christmas together. A graphic designer and letterpress printer, Kathleen designed these cards as her way of helping to find a permanent cure for this disease. Her message to all of us: "May the true meaning of Christmas be with you everyday!"

Click here to download an order form. For more information email Kathleen at kathleen@kworldproductions.com.

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