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Third Annual Myeloma Days in Istanbul Draws Over 100 Attendees

Myeloma Days (3) Patient Information Seminar was held in Istanbul, Turkey on September 24, 2005. IMF Scientific Advisor Dr. Meral Beksac once again organized a hugely successful meeting. Over 100 patients and family members were in attendance for the 3rd seminar held in Istanbul.

Dr. Durie, Susie Novis, Dr. Beksac

The day began with a warm welcome from Dr. Beksac. IMF President, Susie Novis, immediately followed and thanked Dr. Beksac for her commitment to make the seminars a continuing program for patients and their families in Turkey. In addition she thanked the program sponsors, Pharmion and Er-Kim for their support.

IMF Chair, Dr. Brian Durie, led off the day with a talk on Myeloma Causes, Genetics, Symptoms and Factors Influencing Outcome, which was followed by a very lively question and answer session made possible by simultaneous translation.

Simultaneous translation led to a lively discussion.

Next, Dr. Robert Kyle gave a talk on the Diagnosis and Treatment of Myeloma and again the attendees had lots of questions for Dr. Kyle.

Seminar Faculty

Dr. Beksac put together a very exciting and informative agenda for the day, with the following esteemed panel of speakers and the topics they covered:

  • Dr. I. Aydogdu – Infections in Myeloma
  • Dr. Y Aydin – Anemia in Myeloma
  • Dr. Y. Pekcelen – Coagulation and Thrombosis in Myeloma
  • Dr. E. Kansu – The Value of Immunological Laboratory Parameters in the Diagnosis and Followup
  • Dr. O. Sezar & Dr. R. Ali – Approach to Bone Disease – Myeloma Treatment in Europe
  • Dr. A. Attar – Surgical Treatment of Myeloma Bone Disease
  • Dr. B. Sahin – Renal problems in Myeloma
  • Dr. B. Payzin – Treatment of Relapsing Patients and the use of Thalidomide
  • Dr. H. Ozsan – When to use VELCADE?
  • Dr. M. Beksac – Clinical Trials – VELCADE, Arsenic, Revlimid and others
  • Doctors, D. Sargin, B. Ferhanoglu, L. Undar, A. Unal, F. Arpaci, S. Cagirgan, Y. Koc, and G. Sucak participated in a Panel Discussion on Why and When to Transplant and transplantation in Turkey – Current Status
  • Dr. T. F. Tugular – Medical Treatment During Post Transplant
  • Dr. L. Undar – Role of Vaccination in Myeloma

At the end of a very full and informative day the faculty participated as panelists for a final discussion on How to Assess Success in Myeloma Treatment – Is Cure Possible?

The IMF is very grateful to Dr. Beksac for her commitment to make this outstanding program an annual event in Turkey and congratulates her on organizing another successful meeting.

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