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Team Milers Against Myeloma
San Diego Rock ‘n Roll Marathon
By Meg Goffredo
A Defining Moment

Tony (58) and Kendra (25) Goffredo always said they would run a marathon together as father and daughter, so they signed up to run in San Diego’s Rock ‘N Roll Marathon with 20,000 other runners. While Kendra was readying herself for a 27-month commitment to the Peace Corps in Ecuador, Tony, a myeloma survivor, was living each day to the fullest. They set a goal to finish the marathon under 4 hours, and then set out to raise money and awareness for multiple myeloma -- and what a success story! Together, they finished the whole 26.2 miles in 3 hours, 35 minutes (finishing 1008 and 1010 out of 20,000). More importantly, they raised close to $3,500 for the IMF, with money still coming in. Kendra leaves on June 19th, having reached her goals of running her first marathon with her dad in record time, raising awareness of multiple myeloma, raising money along the way, and knowing she was off to serve in the Peace Corps with her Dad’s health in a “safe place”.

Read the article about Tony and Kendra in the North County Times: Former tennis coach Goffredo cherishes each day as he battles cancer.

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