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Bank On A Cure® Susie Novis, President, International Myeloma Foundation
Susie Novis founded the International Myeloma Foundation (IMF) in 1990 along with her late husband, Brian Novis, and myeloma expert Prof. Brian G.M. Durie. The initial goals of the IMF – treatment, education and research – were established based on the needs of the myeloma patient population. Novis was elected the first President of the IMF, a position she continues to hold. Novis brought an extensive background in sales and management to her position.

In 1992, the IMF held its first Clinical Conference for physicians. Novis has since organized additional Clinical Conferences held in the U.S., Japan, Singapore, Australia, Turkey, and the United Kingdom.

While attending an international hematology meeting in London in 1992, Novis observed a “Meet the Professor” session that allowed physicians to have their questions answered by an expert. Inspired by what she saw there, she was determined to give patients the same opportunity, and developed the format for the Patient & Family Seminar educational program. These full-day seminars provide patients with a unique opportunity to learn the latest in the treatment and management of myeloma from a panel of experts. The first IMF Patient & Family Seminar was held in Los Angeles in January 1993. To date, the IMF has held more than 100 seminars around the world. This has become one of the most popular programs of the IMF.

Under Novis’ direction, the IMF has experienced impressive growth and has raised more than $21 million to support its programs. Ms. Novis also expanded the IMF’s focus and today the foundation’s emphasis is on education, research, support, and advocacy.

In 1994, the IMF awarded its first Brian D. Novis Research Grant. The IMF’s grant program has become a major source of funding for myeloma research, supporting research projects in more than 60 centers internationally.

In 1996, the IMF opened an office in Edinburgh, Scotland, which enables the foundation to meet the needs of patients in both the United Kingdom and Europe.

Over the past 14 years, Novis has worked to broaden the reach of the IMF. Today, the organization has a worldwide reach, with members in more than 100 countries. It disseminates information via its toll-free hotline, and informational mailings. Its web site, www.myeloma.org, experiences 30 million “hits” per year, with 37,000 unique visitors per month. Its newsletter, Myeloma Today, has a global readership. The IMF myeloma registry has a database of more than 125,000 members.

Ms. Novis has testified before Congress on behalf of greater resources for myeloma research. In 2002, she was presented with the Joseph Michaeli Award for her outstanding contributions to the understanding, advancement and treatment of myeloma. Investor’s Business Daily has featured Ms. Novis in its Leaders & Success column. Many articles have appeared in newspapers around the world recognizing the important work that Ms. Novis has done on behalf of patients and their families.

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