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Myeloma Minute - May 6, 2005


  • The Honorable Geraldine Ferraro to contribute DNA to BANK ON A CURE®
    On Monday, May 9, in New York City, the IMF will officially launch Bank On A Cure®, the first myeloma-specific, cancer-patient DNA bank in history. The Honorable Geraldine Ferraro will contribute a sample of her DNA to Bank On A Cure through a simple, painless procedure known as “swish and rinse.” "I am delighted to take part in a project that will benefit not only current myeloma patients such as myself, but also cancer patients for years to come."

  • Welcome to the newest member of the IMF family: AMEN!
    The Israeli Association of Myeloma Patients, the acronym for which is the word AMEN, was recently founded by Paula
    Azulai, a myeloma patient (see photo). Off to a good start, AMEN is working on translations of the IMF's materials, setting up support groups, and participating in conferences focused on myeloma education and research.

  • Imagine Moving Forward is the theme of the IMF’s new myeloma bracelet. Wear one in honor, celebration, or in memory of a loved one, and when people ask you what it’s for, it’s a perfect opportunity to spread the word about multiple myeloma. They’re only $1 each in sets of 10, so you can order one for everyone in your family. For more info or questions, please contact Suzanne Battaglia at (800) 452-2873, ext. 227, or SBattaglia@myeloma.org. (For a more personalized tribute in jewelry, check out IMFer Kristi Difford's beautiful handmade jewelry.)

  • Special Report from Sydney
    The IMF is pleased to bring you comprehensive coverage of the landmark Xth International Myeloma Workshop, held
    recently in Sydney, Australia. The workshop is the largest conference of its type in the world for clinicians and researchers dedicated to scientific progress in the experimental, clinical and therapeutic areas of myeloma.

  • Report from the Atlanta Patient & Family Seminar
    IMFer Charlotte Pueschel writes, "I knew that I would learn a lot at this, my first seminar on myeloma, but my experience far exceeded my expectations...I felt like these people were part of my family!"

    If you live in the Chicago area and are a member of an area myeloma support group, we would like you to be our guest at the upcoming Chicago Patient & Family Seminar, June 10 - 11, 2005. If you are interested in taking advantage of this free registration, call the IMF at 800-452-CURE (800-452-2873). And if you are not yet a member of a myeloma support group, and would like to join one and take advantage of this opportunity, call Andy Lebkuecher, Director of Support Groups at 678-546-3045.


For more information, the Myeloma Matrix has a current list of all myeloma trials from pre-clinical to recently FDA approved. If you would like to browse trials currently open for enrollment, visit the Clinical Trials page of the IMF web site. Among the links, you will find EmergingMed, with whom the IMF has entered into a partnership to assist you in matching trials to your particular patient profile (i.e., stage of disease, previous treatment, how well you are able to carry out the activities of daily living, etc.) and by doing so, increase your chances of being eligible. You can also learn more about clinical trials by reviewing materials from the National Cancer Institute.




    • West Palm , Martin, and St. Lucie Counties (Florida)
      The Multiple Myeloma support group of Palm Beach , Martin, and St. Lucie Counties has just formed, and they had 30 people at their first meeting!! This group meets on the first Friday of each month at the Paul W. Williams Palm Beach County Center , 621 Clearwater Park Road, West Palm Beach , FL 33401 .  For more information please contact Cindy Feltzin Home:  561-624-8888 or Cell:  305-233-2718.

    • Inland Empire (Southern California)
      The first meeting of the Inland Empire Support Group will be held on May 17, 2005 at the Riverside Community Hospital Cancer Center from 6:30-8:30pm. The Cancer Center is located behind the main hospital in the 4500 building on the corner of Brockton and 14th. Parking is free as long as you park in the lot adjacent to the Cancer Center. Contact Jim McCulloch by email at Pirateis40@AOL.COM or Tom Courbat tom68-69korea@comcast.net

    • Carmel (Indiana)
      This inew group is just forming, and it will be the first in the state of Indiana!  For more information please contact Jaylene M. Buckley, 434 Third Avenue, NW Apt. 4 , Carmel , Indiana 46032 . Cell Phone:  (317) 407-2164 or E-Mail: jbuckley@indy.rr.com

    • St. Charles area (Missouri)
      This group is just forming, for more information please contact: Kathy Cartright, 3509 Bluff View Drive, St. Charles, MO 63303-6610 Phone:  636-447-9006 or by E-Mail at hoss4twa@msn.com.

    • Youngstown (Ohio)
      This group meets on the 3rd Monday of each month at Denny’s Restaurant, 4020 Belmont Avenue, Youngstown, OH 44501 from 6:30 – 8:00 p.m. Contact Donna Detwiler, RN/patient at donnadet2000@yahoo.com.

    • Warwick (Rhode Island)
      This group is just forming, and it will be the first in Rhode Island!  For more information please contact Carol Murray-Rossi, 28 Willing Avenue, Warwick, RI 02888, Phone:  (401) 463-5709 or E-Mail:  marcar@gis.net.


  • Hot off the presses....the IMF has just published it’s comprehensive “How-to-FUNdraise” guide.  If you’re thinking about fundraising in your community, but don’t know where to start, this guide will give you the “A to Z” of fundraising ideas, and other helpful suggestions.

  • Squares Are Going Fast!
    Don’t miss your last opportunity to honor your loved one in our beautiful Quilt of Courage series.” If you’re interested in participating, please contact IMFer Harriet Bertsche via email at bertsche@optonline.net or (914) 478-4689 – remember, they are almost gone!  It’s a wonderful way to honor mom/dad/sister/brother/friend.

  • New! Donate to the IMF with your American Express Card
     •  Donate dollars
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     •  Set up recurring donations
    For more information, contact Candace McDonald at cmcdonald@myeloma.org
  • Ever think of walking or running a marathon? 
    Join the IMF Team Milers Against Myeloma and help raise awareness and dollars for cancer research at the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on June 5, 2005 in San Diego, California. If interested in joining Team Milers Against Myeloma, email Suzanne Battaglia at sbattaglia@myeloma.org.

  • Volume II of Cooking with the IMF
    The collection of recipes for Volume II of our very popular healthy food cookbook is being led by Marilyn Alexander, a myeloma survivor from Philadelphia. Please help us with this important project by submitting your favorite recipes.


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