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Kayla and Anthony

Kayla (age 11) and Anthony (age 8) Tenboer, who live in Davenport, Iowa, decided to gather bottles and cans in honor of their grandfather, Wayne “Whitey” Tenboer, who passed away from myeloma in December. They started collecting just after Christmas, and considered cashing them in and donating the money to the Red Cross to help with tsunami relief.  But when they realized that over $1 billion had already been donated to that cause, they decided to choose another – multiple myeloma – at the suggestion of their father, Kelvin.  “We decided if it helps even one person, it’s worth it”, said their mother, Sara Tenboer.  What began as Kayla and Anthony picking up just a few bottles grew into several basketball games’ worth of bottles.  Kelvin and Sara, as well as Whitey’s widow, Ruth, also agreed to match the amount of cash the kids earned.  So far, they’ve taken in three or four vanloads full.  Kayla and Anthony hope their bottle collection can help, even if it’s just in a small way. Anthony said he’s collecting bottles “so nobody could die, like our grandpa did”.  Kayla doesn’t want anyone else to “take the pressure” of losing a loved one to cancer.

If you wish to contribute to Kayla and Anthony’s total, please send donations to the IMF, and mark “Bottles for Grandpa” on the check.  

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