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Summary of the Xth International Myeloma Workshop

The IMF is pleased to bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the landmark Xth International Myeloma Workshop, held in Sydney, Australia in April, 2005. Summaries are available for all sessions. And, the majority of the presenters agreed to provide access to their slides so that you can review in detail what was presented.

We have also filmed a number of the sessions and presenters so that you can view video of key sessions and presentations online. Videos are still being prepared for web access and will be available within the next few days.

We will also be publishing a printed guide to the workshop which will have a companion DVD. If you are interested in receiving this guide when it is published, be sure to sign up for our electronic newsletter, the Myeloma Minute, so that you will know when it is available.

We hope you find this special update useful.

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