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Sydney 2005: Dendritic Cell-Based Vaccination and Beyond
By Nikhil Munshi
Dr. Munshi closed the session with a review of various strategies to load antigens onto DC. His lab has fused DC and MM cells so that the resulting cell would present for antigen development. Notably, the fused DC/MM cells are highly viable and functional in terms of ability to stimulate T-cell proliferation. In a clinical study, 6 patients were treated with fused DC/MM cells and an immune response was observed. Since no serious adverse events were observed, the study is continuing with dose escalation. With only preliminary data available, comments about clinical efficacy cannot be made. Dr. Munshi suggested that novel agents should be identified, and decision about the use of antigens in therapy should be made. Studies need to be conducted to come to an understanding of immune dysregulation in MM. Use of immune-modulating agents may allow immune responses to be augmented while avoiding immunosuppression. In the future, understanding of changes in the immune environment in myeloma may help to identify novel agents that may cure MM.

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