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Sydney 2005: Tumor Antigen Immunization of Human Allotransplant Donors in Myeloma
By Michael Bishop
Dr. Bishop presented preliminary results of a trial looking at tumor antigen immunization of human allotransplant donors in myeloma. Progression and relapse are significant problems with reduced intensity allogeneic SCT (RIST). The hypothesis for the studies was that vaccination in donors with patient specific idiotype would result in improved remissions. The objective of the trial was to induce cellular and humoral immunity in allogeneic donors and recipients against the unique idiotype expressed by the recipient myeloma. Results of the trials showed that the vaccine was successfully generated from 10 patients. The study included 7 matched siblings who completed vaccination. In terms of safety findings, there was a single grade 3 toxicity observed (lymphopenia that was transient after vaccination). Other safety findings included Grade 1 and 2 toxicities, including reactions at the injection site and systemic bone pain.

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