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Sydney 2005: Tumour Lysate Dendritic Cell Vaccination in Multiple Myeloma
By Qing Yi
Dr. Yi spoke about tumor lysate DC vaccination in multiple myeloma patients. DC mediated cross priming is a key step in priming of CD4, CD8, NKT and NK cells. Previous DC vaccination studies were initiated in MM 20 years ago. Less than 50% of patients mounted a response to the antigen in these studies. These data suggested that a better target may be MM tumor cells; these cells could be used to identify antigen to be targeted. Studies demonstrated that MM-specific CTLs were able to kill MM tumor cells but not normal cells, suggesting that the T cells recognized specific antigens on the cells. The strategy for the lysate DC vaccine studies was to use patients with advanced disease since those patients would have sufficient cells to produce the lysate and the vaccine. The lysate DC vaccine was injected intranodally and led to an enlargement of liver nodes. Studies showed that T cells did survive the high-dose therapy portion of the treatment regimen. Clinical outcomes are promising with 1 patient in complete remission thus far and 5 patients recruited. These studies show that it is feasible to combine DC vaccine with high-dose therapy and that specific T cells survive and expand upon vaccination. Future goals are to optimize DC immunotherapy in MM.

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