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Sydney 2005: Cancer Vaccine Treatment and Antibody Therapy in MM
By Derek Hart
Dr. Hart gave an overview of cancer vaccines and the important implications to MM. The goal of vaccine therapy is to manage the disease so that it can be cured by immunotherapy. In MM, the immune system is failing on multiple fronts (DC, T, NK, NKT cells) and so regulatory cells can be considered as problems or as targets for therapy. DC vaccination is developing as an option with DC being harvested from patients, modified, and then administered to patients as the vaccine. The vaccines are effective; patients survive with long term control of disease and the cytotoxic responses seen correlate with clinical outcomes. Another therapy under development is DC immunotherapy for plasma cells. It may be possible to combine active vaccination with an antibody to CD4+ to achieve disease resolution for patients. Several molecules are at various stages of development and combined immunotherapy or combined immune therapy and chemotherapy should be considered.

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