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Sydney 2005: Combination of Tipifarnib & Bortezomib Results in Synergistic MM Cell death...
By Sagar Lonial
Dr. Lonial presented on the combination of tipifamib and bortezomib. Because cancer cells are smart, complex, and resistant, new treatment options including targeted therapies need to be developed to combat this disease. Based on a hypothesis that combining 2 targeting agents may lead to increased cell death, Dr. Lonial presented results on the combination of tipifamib and bortezomib in MM cell lines. His study showed that MM cells were sensitive to the combination of agents and that apoptosis was time dependent. Dr. Lonial advised that the sequence of administration is critical to achieving optimal response with combined novel agents. In his study, sequential administration produced significantly better results than concurrent administration. He hoped that future clinical trials would take preclinical models into consideration of study design.

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