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Sydney 2005: A Phase I, Multi-Dose, Dose Escalation Study of SGN-40 (anti-huCD40 mAb) ...
By Mohamad Hussein
Dr. Hussein opened this interesting session with his presentation on the Phase 1, multi-dose study of SGN-40 (antihuCD40 MAB) in patients with refractory or recurrent MM. SGN-40 is a fully humanized monoclonal antibody (MAB) in the tumor necrosis factor (TNF) receptor family. CD40 ligand is expressed on T cells, B-cells, and dendritic cells. Patients participating in this study had a median time to initial diagnosis of 6.4 years and the median number of prior therapies was 5. Side effects consisted on neutropenia, headaches, and fatigue. Results in 2 patients showed a decrease in B-cells and drop in CD19. At a higher dose, seen in patient 3, there was a 50% reduction of urine protein after just 1 dose. Conclusions from this trial indicate that SGN-40 is safe and well-tolerated with significant antitumor activity.

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