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Sydney 2005: The Role of Dendritic Cell Genotype in the Induction of T-Cell Responses...
By Reiner Raymakers
Dr. Raymakers presented data showing allogeneic transplantation in MM patients who received preemptive DLI resulted in better outcomes and durable responses. The data suggest that DLI can be effective if instituted early after T cell depletion transplantation; non-T cell depleted transplantation and reduced-intensity transplantations are less effective strategies. Allogeneic T cell response after HLA-matched stem-cell transplant (SCT) results in graft versus tumor (GVT), graft versus marrow (GVM), and graft versus host disease (GVHD) responses. Results of studies suggest that a clinically feasible study is a host DC vaccination in MM patients following mini-allogeneic SCT. Dr. Raymakers suggested that if transplant does not result in a GVHD effect and if DCs are of non-donor origin, DLI alone will be ineffective to induce GVHD and GVM. Study results showed that in vitro recipient DC but not donor DC are capable of inducing GVHD/GVM while recipient DC are superior in generating responses. In the future, the possibility of recipient DC but not donor DC to induce GVHD/GVM effect needs to be proven. Results of the studies presented here show that it is feasible to generate DC from frozen PBMC.

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