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Sydney 2005: Phenotypic and Functional Alterations of Gamma/Delta T Cells in Myeloma
By Massimo Massaia
Dr. Massaia introduced the topic of phenotypic and functional alterations of gamma/delta T cells in myeloma. Tumor progression is due to intrinsic features of the tumor, to the tumor microenvironment, and to an angiogenic switch. The immune system is another factor. Clinically, switching of the immune system affects the health status of the patient but also impacts the status of the tumor. Experiments showed that MM patients have an abnormal distribution of specific T cells (gamma/delta) which could be activated by bisphosphonates via the mevalonate pathway. The immunosensitivity of myeloma cells to these T cells is enhanced by bisphosphonates. In the future, the association of these factors with disease evolution and the potential for mevalonante pathway to be a target for immune recognition may be explored.

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