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Sydney 2005:
Dendritic Cell Biology in Multiple Myeloma
By Derek Hart
Dr. Hart reviewed DC biology in MM then presented some research updates. DC subsets have different paths of development and migration and thus different functions. Although there may be a common DC precursor, 5 exclusive subsets of DC exist in the blood. The main subsets are CD1C and CD16 populations. DC function to link the innate immune system with the adaptive immune system by processing and presenting antigens to the immune system. In MM, DC cells function abnormally. Dr. Hart suggested that cancer vaccination program is reasonable based on research results. Also, the development of monoclonal antibodies developed in the blood of patients is reasonable compared with the challenges of in vitro manufacturing. Preclinical studies generated data showing the effectiveness of blood generated DC and the ability of these cells to have a cytotoxic effect on T cells.

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