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Sydney 2005:
T Cells in Myeloma: Lessons from a Murine Model
By Bjarne Bogen
Dr. Bogen addressed the question of how T cells reject tumors. MM cells have antigenic determinants referred to as idiotypes (Id) which induce specific antibodies and specific T cells. Considering the arms of anti-Id immunity that may have an effect on MM tumor cells, CD4+ T cells were the focus of this presentation. There may be a need for Id+ myeloma protein to prime antigen presenting cells (APC) and to activate Id-specific CD4+ cells. Using a mouse model (MOPC315 plasmacytoma) and a matrigel model, tumor specific CD4+ T cells were shown to become activated and migratory. Dr. Bogen concluded that Id-specific CD4+ cells protect against MM disease in the bone marrow.

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