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Sydney 2005:
Final Results of IFM9904 Protocol: Dbl. Transplant +/- anti-IL6 Mono. Antibody in..
By Phillipe Moreau, MD
Dr. Moreau introduced a series of clinical presentations, discussing unfavorable prognostic factors. High-dose melphalan is correlated with a high response rate (87%). Following stem cell transplantation, patients did or did not receive anti-IL6 monoclonal antibody and there was a similar response following each stage of the trial. Results showed that combination of anti-IL6 and high dose melphalan is not superior to high-dose melphalan alone. This result may be related to timing of the addition of the antibody to the treatment regimen. Survival rates with high dose melphalan are encouraging. There is a trend for improved survival in tandem transplant rather than autologous transplant followed by mini-transplant. The incidence of extensive GVHD was more than 50% in mini-transplant. In patients with high risk de novo disease, autologous transplant plus mini-allogeneic transplant is not superior to tandem transplants.

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