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Sydney 2005:
Coexpression of CD11a and CD45bright is the Hallmark of Proliferating Cell Malig.
By Catherine Pellat-Deceunynck
Dr. Pellat-Deceunynck presented an overview of CD11 and CD45 as hallmarks of proliferating MM cells. By looking at expression of different forms of CD45 at time of diagnosis or at relapse, a switch between forms (bright, low) and a decrease in the overall expression of CD45 was observed. Data showed that myeloma tumors are always a mix of proliferating bright and non-proliferating low cells; all patients have bright compartment. Plasma cells from bone marrow are a mix of proliferating and non-proliferating plasma cells. In summary, CD45 delineates 2 subsets of bone marrow plasma cells and myeloma cells. CD45 bright is associated with proliferation.

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