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Sydney 2005: Bone Marrow Microvessel Endothelial Cells in MM Harbor MM-Assoc. Chromosomal Transloc.
By Johannes Drach, MD
Dr. Drach discussed bone marrow (BM) angiogenesis as a hallmark of MM biology and reviewed that high BM microvessel density (MVD) correlates with short survival. Looking at patients with specific genetic abnormalities, tumor specific genetic abnormalities were present in 21% to 73% of MM endothelial cells. Various hematologic malignancies were checked for presence of specific genetic abnormalities. In CML, 63% of endothelial cells were abnormal compared with 42% of MM endothelial cells. Solid tumors were also looked at to find evidence of specific genetic abnormalities but did not show the presence of the abnormalities in endothelial cells. The data support tumor specific chromosomal abnormalities in microvessel cells in hematological malignancies but not in solid tumors. These data support a novel aspect of angiogenesis in hematologic cancer cells and specifically in MM cells.

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