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Sydney 2005: Human Apurinic/Apyrimidinic Endonucleases (Ape1 & Ape 2) Leads to Genetic Instability
By Nikhil Munshi, MD
Dr. Munshi discussed the development of genetic instability in MM and other cancers. Patients with specific genetic instabilities have a higher risk of cancer and of early onset cancer. In MM, there is significant genetic instability. Using model systems, questions about the types of genetic instabilities, DNA damage, and dysregulations inducible or present in cells (normal and MM cells) were explored to evaluate the possible resulting errors. Experiments were also conducted to explore the effect of inhibiting specific genetic instabilities and the effect of overexpression of specific molecules that challenge DNA integrity. Results from these experiments are being used to study the genetic events that lead to the development of MM.

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