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Sydney 2005:
Update on High Dose Therapy: MAG Studies
By Jean Paul Fermand, MD
Dr. Fermand represented the MAG group (Myelome-Autogreffe; Paris France). He presented long term follow up form the studies conducted from 1985-2005. Four trials were conducted: Pre-MAG, MAG 90, MAG 91, and MAG 95. Pre-MAG was a Phase 2 trial comparing early versus late HDT followed by SCT, results were similar in both arms. MAG 91 included older patients (55 to 66 years old); no significant differences were seen with OS. MAG 95 evaluated sequential HDT followed by a CD34 selection technique. Dr. Fermand presented the final analysis of this study at a median follow up of 73 months. Results show a significant overall survival advantage with double HDT versus single and CD34 selection showed no survival benefit. Dr. Femand shared the next study would investigate results in patients younger than 65.

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